Main Team


Jarod Kemp

Managing Director and head of merchandise

Co-captain. Researcher. Team player. 

As an SAE graduate and now currently studying towards a BA in motion picture at AFDA, Jarod is passionate about good art and making much of the one who made it. His skills vary but he is the blood pump of Living Legacy. 


Luxolo 'Lux Kent' Kentane

Artist, Founder and Executive director

Rapper. Song writer. Fire starter. 

Luxolo has the privilege of leading our team and giving vision to #LGCY. You'll either find him reading a book he's struggling to finish, eating food he shouldn't be eating and hardly sleeping.


Yanga 'Gruth' Zweni

Artist and Senior designer

Music enthusiast. Rapper. Compassionate. 

Gruth leads our design department and does not spend enough time watching movies.

His smile makes him a Colgate model candidate ;-).


Marvin Kimani

Operational Manager and leading our content creation team

Poet. Writer. Speaker

 Marvin gets to lead our content creation team and help with our new website, blogs and videos that will help people make disciples. He has a passion for written word so you might see him recite his poems and help Living Legacy Float.